SPACEEXE is a technology company passionate about the design and development of IoT solutions based on GNSS and telecommunication devices.
SPACEEXE offers simple cost-effective solutions to complex problems and carries out R&D activities in satellite navigation, telco, firmware and electronics for the production of high-tech devices and services.
SPACEEXE, as GREAT project coordinator, is going to manage the technical and engineering activities. SPACEEXE objective is to harmonize the partner’s work on single tasks to be sure to respect the milestones and the final and partial outcomes. SPACEEXE also runs the management activities (project contract, consortium agreement) being the only contact point between the consortium and GSA.
SPACEEXE technical activities in GREAT project are design (System architecture and HW), develop,
assembly and integrate the GREAT stations.


YETITMOVES is an Italian company, headquartered at EUCENTRE – University of Pavia, whose mission is the scientific research, design, development, production and marketing of innovative and high technology solutions and services in the field of Geomatics. YETITMOVES boasts a consolidated experience in GNSS data processing for high-precision static and kinematic positioning applications.
YETITMOVES develops and markets innovative solutions, easy-to-use and low-cost, made according to the most advanced practices of Geomatics.
YETITMOVES is the technical driver of the GREAT project and the responsible for the development of all software sub-systems. Finally, it is the responsible of the dissemination tasks.


M3 Systems SAS, based in Lavernose (Toulouse, France), is an SME part of MISTRAL group that is dedicated to applications demanding high level GNSS performances in terms of positioning accuracy, availability and integrity. With more than 20 years’ experience in the aerospace & defense market, M3 Systems brings highly professional performance assessment solutions and tools for GNSS-based critical applications.
The company, initially focused on engineering and R&D institutional studies (ESA, CNES, EUROCONTROL) has gradually developed products for the professional market : E-trackair, an airport vehicle geolocation system using EGNOS deployed in Bordeaux & Toulouse airports, STELLA NGC a full range of GNSS test solutions that encompasses Multi-constellation & multi- frequency simulation and Record/Playback.

M3 Systems expertise includes:

  • Innovative GNSS signal processing algorithm definition and prototyping (integrity, authentication, …). In this field several patents have been filed in partnership with French Space Agency (CNES).
  • Data collection and performance evaluation of GNSS positioning and multi-sensors hybridization solutions.
  • Development and prototyping of GNSS software receiver modules.
  • Prototyping of RF signal processing algorithms and portability on software radio platforms ( PC & FPGA based).
  • Hybridization algorithms : GNSS, inertial (IMU), video (SLAM: Simultaneous Location and Mapping).
  • GNSS test bench development and positioning sensors testing.

GNSS application development and prototyping.


TERIA, a solution of excellence.

The TERIA network was initiated in France in 2005 by the French Expert-Surveyor Order, with the aim of providing the profession with a real-time positioning tool with centimetre precision. This high level of performance, certified ISO 9001 and 14001, has raised the interest of all those involved in geolocation.
The TERIA service has thus naturally extended to the fields of smart cities, transportation, aeronautics, defence, health, people tracking, sports and leisure, precision agriculture, industrial robotics and environmental research. Today, it is already a high added-value tool for the needs of augmented reality or artificial intelligence.
With the significant increase in demand for high-precision positioning, TERIA has decided to join the GREAT consortium. This project will offer a new opportunity to deploy new services and also to extend the coverage of the TERIA services.
The objective is to deploy services for mass-market domain in term of availability and integrity for industrial applications but also looking for the best accuracy through the RTK/N-RTK technology.
During the GREAT project, demonstration will be made based on the hardware and software development carried out and demonstrated through real application.